Healhy Democracy Healthy People


“When health is absent, wisdom cannot reveal itself, art cannot manifest, strength cannot fight, wealth becomes useless, and intelligence cannot be applied.”

— Herophilus, Greek physician

When democracy is absent, people can not live healthy lives and our communities can not thrive. Our democracy is foundational to the health of our communities: the healthcare policies we vote on, the greenspaces that make our air cleaner, the federal funding that changes when we fill out our Census forms.

To help understand these connections, we launched the Health & Democracy Index, which compares 12 public health indicators and voter turnout to the Cost of Voting Index for U.S. states for the 2020 general election. The methods section includes a link to a full data table and more research references on these topics.

View the webinar introducing the Health & Democracy Index below and promote the Index with social media, messaging, and graphics in our toolkit.

Voter Registration and Opportunities to Expand Inclusion

The first critical step to voter participation is registration, and yet we know disparities exist in the registered population. This webinar reviews policies and approaches that impact voter registration, outlines the current landscape of challenges and opportunities in registering the hardest-to-reach populations, and explores innovative ways to promote voter registration, such as automatic voter registration specifically through state Medicaid programs. View the recording below and find the slides and other resources here.

Civic Health Month

The Healthy Democracy Healthy People coalition has been a key partner of Civic Health Month since its founding. Civic Health Month is a nationwide celebration held all through the month of August dedicated to uplifting resources and discussion to build civic muscle and promote an inclusive democracy. Civic Health Month brings together organizations from civic engagement, healthcare, and public health spaces that are committed to supporting strong and healthy communities through voter participation.

As part of our participation in Civic Health Month, the Healthy Democracy Healthy People coalition has developed a comprehensive communications toolkit to help uplift all of the exciting parts of Civic Health Month. Click here to access the Civic Health Month Communications Toolkit.

Healthy Voting Guides

Healthy Voting Guides are back for 2022 and the Healthy Voting Campaign launched in August to kick off Civic Health month! The new guides include state-specific information on voting options including how to vote by mail and in-person. These digital and PDF guides also include tips on healthy voting and contain important information about voting deadlines, contact information for local and state election offices, and resources for accessible voting. Healthy Voting Guides are available in English and Spanish.

You can find a social media toolkit for Healthy Voting Guides here, and view a video from Healthy Democracy Healthy People’s Senior Advisor,  Jessica Barba Brown, below.